The Division PTS 1.8 Update Revealed, Lots of Changes Incoming

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Ubisoft has announced a lot (and I mean, a LOT) of new stuff for The Division with the game’s 1.8 update Public Test Server. There are new world expansions, new gear sets, new exotic weapons, two new games modes and more. Check out The Division PTS 1.8 update patch notes.

Update 1.8 PTS Phase 1 Limitations

  • The dynamic events will be deactivated in West Side Piers – but you can explore the area and fight the enemies there.
  • Underground and Survival will be offline – don´t go there you will be stuck in an infinite loading screen
  • Tactician and Alpha Bridge 5/6 piece will not be available
  • Resistance is also offline
  • Lore and Collectibles will not be part of the PTS

Update 1.8 PTS Phase 1 Focus

  • Gear Optimization (everybody will get 4k D-Tech on PTS)
  • Rogue 2.0
  • Skirmish
  • West Side Piers Open World / Dynamic Spawn System
  • 6 New Classifieds
    • Predator’s
    • D3-FNC
    • FireCrest
    • Nomad
    • Banshee
    • Hunters Faith (got a complete rework – structured for more slower firing weapons)

Update 1.8 Changes Summary

This is the biggest expansion so far and many things will change with this update:

Console players can sign up for the PTS selection process which will go live between September 22 and September 25. Players how have signed up are then selected based on criteria which includes recent activity as well as total time played. If you get in, you’ll get an email associated with your Uplay account. The console The Division PTS sign up page is right here for those interested.

Once this update is out into the wild, we’ll  be sure to let The Division players know.

Source: The Division Subreddit