The Last of Us 2 Collector’s Edition Seemingly Leaked by Swiss Retailer

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With The Last of Us: Part II (stylized as The Last of Us 2) most likely being Naughty Dog’s last big game on the PS4 before moving on to next-gen (PS5), it’s understandable to assume that we’ll see a collector’s edition of the game. Well, The Last of Us 2 Collector’s Edition existences seems to have been confirmed — and by a Swiss retailer no less!

Swiss retailer Softridge posted what it calls The Last of Us Part 2 – Collector’s Edition. Check out a screenshot of the listing below.

Here’s a bigger view of the box art shown in the listing (note that this might be a placeholder image):

Before anyone gets too excited about that February 28 release date mentioned in the product listing, note that it’s an old rumor, so there is a chance it could be true, or just placeholder for now. In short: it’s not confirmation that The Last of Us 2 will be out this February. This has been pointed out by Twitter news monger and insider Nibel.

Earlier this year, we posted a report that claims that The Last of Us 2 will have four different editions, which could possibly be true as well.

While none of the stuff mentioned above have been confirmed, what is confirmed is that The Last of Us 2 will be mentioned or shown at this coming week’s State of Play livestream. Will we see gameplay? A release date maybe? Who knows, but we’ll be sure to report it once we know details.