The Last of Us 2 Ending Has Been Shot Says Naughty Dog

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While we haven’t heard anything regarding The Last of Us Part II in a while, Naughty Dog VP and writer/director of The Last of Us Part II, Neil Druckmann, has confirmed that shooting the game’s end scene has been completed.

This was confirmed by Druckmann himself over on Twitter, where he posted a shot of the of script with the words “The End” at the, uh, end.

Mind you, Naughty Dog saying they completed The Last of Us 2 ending doesn’t mean development on the game is done. We don’t know if they’re shooting scenes in order, how long development will be, bug testing and more. Add in that the game has a multiplayer mode, and well, you can see how this is no guarantee that we’ll see The Last of Us 2 out this year.

Having said that though, remember that The Last of Us Part II did appear on PSN’s “Coming Soon” tab under other titles released in 2019, so anything’s possible.

Will The Last of Us 2 make it out in 2019? I sure hope so. Do you think it will or will Sony push this to 2020 as the console’s last “big” game before the PS5 is released?