The Last of Us 2 Is in a Playable State Confirmed by Voice Actor

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While Naughty Dog already confirmed that we’ll be seeing The Last of Us 2 at E3 later this June, it seems the game is already in a playable state even if we haven’t seen much of it yet.

This tidbit was confirmed by actor Troy Baker who’s doing the voice-over work and motion capture stuff for Joel in The Last of Us 2. In a video interview at the MCM Comic Con in Birmingham, Troy Baker (along with Nolan North) talked about their performances in various properties, and of course, the conversation goes down The Last of Us 2 path. According to Baker, he’s played the game during a Naughty Dog playtest and deemed it “fantastic.”

Obviously, someone working on a product telling us it’s fantastic isn’t groundbreaking news, but at least we now have confirmation that the game is playable, which means we’ll probably see gameplay real soon — at least I hope. You can watch Baker talk about it in the video below (around the 11:30 mark).

Let’s hope this means that we’ll see The Last of Us 2 out soon, and not in 2020 or even later.