The Most Wanted New Battlefront 2 Skins, According to Reddit

battlefront 2 update 1.19

This week, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 progression system overhaul will commence, with Star Cards and loot boxes only being earned through in-game progress. Microtransactions will also be coming back, but they will be used only for cosmetic unlocks. Ahead of the changes, the game’s Reddit community has been putting their heads together to come up with the most wanted new Battlefront 2 skins.

Here’s some highlights of what the community has come up with:

You can see the full list of suggestions here.

I imagine DICE is pretty limited on what can be added to the game. I don’t think we’ll see Luke wielding a rainbow-colored lightsaber, for example, but hey, at least Reddit is excited and showing some love.

If you’re still playing Battlefront 2, let us know what you’d like to see added to the game as a new cosmetic.

In other Star Wars Battlefront 2 news, the game’s progression is getting overhauled alongside the implementation of new microtransactions.

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