The 5 Best Gadgets Ever Invented for Gamers

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The gaming industry is booming and tech developers are climbing aboard the gravy train, milking it all the way to the bank. Gamers are complaining though, with the recent technology developments impacting gadgets specifically designed for gaming, we don’t mind the intense competition going on behind the scenes, no matter how exorbitant the price. However, there have been a handful of gems hidden behind unlocked bonus levels so to speak, and a bunch of our web crawlers have discovered at least 5 of the best gadgets ever created appealing to the wallets of gamers across the galaxy. Here is what we have discovered so far.

VR Headsets

If you haven’t heard it are you even real? Virtual video gaming has fast become a massive gaming trend for both mobile and PC gamers. Through a virtual headset that supports 3 dimensional graphics, players are able to explore games unlike anything before its time. The Oculus Rift is one of the most desired and expensive VR headsets to date and technology is only enhancing the quality of these gadgets. Players are able to interact with objects and virtual beings and surroundings burst to life right before your very eyes, quite literally actually.

Pip-Boy 3000

This one is for all you Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 fanatics. A Personal Information Processor (PIP) has been designed to look like a Gameboy with a difference. All players’ personal information and inventory items are kept in one collector’s edition of a mechanism worn on the left arm. The mechanical device looks appealing to avid gamers and the piece of legendary tech really does work.

The Pip-Boy 3000 boasts real time mapping which is linked up to iOS system to log all progress and stats. It has been rumoured that the tech savvy updated version of the gadget will be released with a heart rate monitor to log all those intense stages, something completely mind blowing for any gamer.


Absolutely mind blowing! This piece of tech is more than a gadget. The technology behind the design of the video gaming gadget has proved sci-fi is not restricted to movies, games and books. Used mostly in Mass Effect, the gadget is used for decrypting and hacking into various parts of the game. The holographic style created tech piece has become the latest trend in cosplay and video games are adopting these as a form of interactive gaming tech.

HyperX Alloy FPS RGB Keyboard

It may be a mouthful but the name kind of rocks the socks off techno geek gamers. When you hear the FPS RGB keyboard mentioned in any sentence, your toes curl and your body enters complete thrill mode. This is one beautifully designed piece of tech that has been designed to quickly combat opponents through a user compatible experience which promotes the use of speed key switches and offers quick return to call actions. If you are battling it out in multiplayer mode, this gadget piece will have you labelled the master of the game.

Oh one last thing! The keyboard is majestically designed with raving colour lighting, just to show your buddies how super loaded, cool and educated you really are.

For more RGB options, take a look at these wireless gaming keyboards from Hotrate.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Headset

The second of its kind, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Headset has outdone its predecessor. Now currently trending as one of the top gamer tech gadgets, the amazing headgear allows you to do more than ever before.

Going at a steep price of over $200, players around the world would expect some value for their money aside from the sleek and professional look the headset has been designed to boast. The headset has been designed to control volume and background sound through the SuperAmp Audio System integrated into the tech piece. To add value to the look and feel, this headset also allows you to listen to music and receive calls on the go.

Hook this bad boy up to your gaming system for the best sound quality of 2019. You couldn’t go wrong with a device that could be used both at home and on the go.

With all the latest and greatest tech, we look forward to some of the newest releases. Keep your ear to the ground if it isn’t already hooked up to the Turtle Beach Pro 2 Headset!

Image source: AShogunNamedDavid (YouTube)