There Are Mysterious Marvel’s Avengers Portals Showing Up in Vaults

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If you’re playing Marvel’s Avengers endgame content, no doubt you’ve come across some of the Vaults in the game. While these activities house gear that players can earn, it seems some of them also include something more mysterious, and these are Marvel’s Avengers portals!

Gamer Devil079 has posted of this said portal and it looks rather odd.

I found the mysterious portal while doing a vault. It appears when you get close to it and disappeared when you get far away. from PlayAvengers

The community has no idea what to make of this so far. Is this part of something bigger leading to the introduction of Kate Bishop? Maybe something else? Or there’s also the chance this is just a bug that people are putting too much stock into.

Have you seen this in the game during a Vault run or in another mission? Let us know what you make of this down in the comments below.