There’s a Battlefield 5 Bad Company 2 Easter Egg and Here’s How to Do It

If you’re a long-time reader of MP1st, chances are you already know how fond we are of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. While it doesn’t seem like we’re getting a new entry in the series anytime soon, DICE hasn’t forgotten about that series yet, as there’s Battlefield 5 Bad Company 2 Easter egg present in the game (Battlefield 5).

Posted by YouTuber DannyOnPC, check out the Battlefield 5 Bad Company 2 Easter egg that gives a nod to Bad Company 2’s Operation Aurora mission.

If you want to replicate it, here’s how (and yes, this can be done on a private game):

Map: Solomon Island (you need to be on the Japanese faction)

You’ll need to go to the tree at the “bend” near the fishing huts, which you can see below:

You’ll see a tree which you can interact with:

You’ll need to interact with the “thing” in the tree a few times and knock the Bad Company 2 theme. You can reference the video above for the proper audio cue. You’ll know you did it correctly if the button to interact goes away.

Then you’ll need to move over to the D flag where you’ll see another interactable tree:

Players will need to go prone and do the same thing they did with the previous tree.

When the interact button from the second tree disappears, you’ll need to head to the Japanese base, and look for one of the houses that has the communications stored in ’em and interact with this machine:

Interacting with it will trigger a morse code. Once that’s done, just head out and you’ll hear something familiar (the nuke sound) for Bad Company 2 fans. And yes, everyone in the map will be able to hear it.

Yep, it takes some work, but this is still a nice touch by DICE. Who knows? This might be the start of something, though I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

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