Titanfall 2 PS4 Player Count Explodes Due to PS+, Now at Over 80K

Titanfall 2 PC Player Count

In case you didn’t know, Titanfall 2 is this December’s big freebie for PlayStation Plus members. While that in itself is big news, it seems this has caused the Titanfall PS4 player count to explode (who’d have thought people would like free stuff, right?).

While Titanfall 2 has a fantastic (and I do mean FANTASTIC) single-player campaign, it’s the multiplayer component that I’m assuming most people are downloading it for. Well, it seems to be working, as the Titanfall 2 PS4 player count has now gone past the 80,000-player mark! This was posted by multiple people on the PS4 and Titanfall subreddits, with people just happy to be able to matchmake instantly again.

80K!!!! from titanfall


[Image] Titanfall 2 is nailing it on the PS4. The game surely deserves it from PS4

Given how amazing the game is, this is definitely good news. I’ve redownloaded the game myself, and will give it another go as it shouldn’t take me minutes to match up with anyone now.

Released back in 2016 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Titanfall 2 was loved by critics, but a bad release window (being sandwiched between the release of Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare) meant that the game had to contend with two online FPS games for playing time.

In case you’re curious, check out our Titanfall 2 review, where we gave it a 9/10, and said, ” Creating, by far, one the best multiplayer experiences yet on this generation, there’s no doubt that Titanfall 2 will continue to evolve and thrive. It’s fast, fun, and addicting, and if you were someone on the fence or someone who even thought about purchasing it or even looked into it, I cannot stress how highly recommend this title. As a big fan of multiplayer-centric games, very few titles have really made me want to go back and play them day in and day out.”

Hopefully, this momentum sticks and Respawn can pump more support to it. Not only that, but maybe we’ll finally be able to get official confirmation of Titanfall 3.

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