Titanfall – Respawn on Pilot-Only Modes, ‘We’ll See What Happens After Launch’

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Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment hints at the possibility of a Pilot-only mode post-launch, despite previous statements.

During a special Microsoft Store event in Connecticut, Respawn Entertainment community manager Abbie Heppe mentioned that though a Pilot-only mode will certainly not be in the game on release, “we’ll see what happens after launch.”

Knowing the community’s interest in Titanfall game mode free of AI and Titans, we asked game director Steve Fukuda last month about the idea, despite the possibility of it messing with a number of the game’s built-in mechanics. “We’ve talked about these kinds of things. We haven’t gone forward with any of it,” he said. Without giving a yes or no answer, he added that it’s “something that’s sort of bouncing in our heads and we talk about it and we discuss whether that is the right direction.”

However, during a Titanfall beta developer live stream, the studio rather blatantly said “no” to the idea and that “it’s called Titanfall”.

If Heppe’s words mean anything, it’s that the studio may be open to the idea if it’s something the community really pushes for. For now, it’s all about TITANfall.

What are your thoughts? Does a Pilot-only mode belong in a game like Titanfall? Let’s hear it in the comments!