Titanfall Developer Responds To Concerns Regarding Dedicated Servers and Matchmaking

Titanfall may be one of the most anticipated games of the year, but it looks like it has hit a rough patch with gamers when it comes to certain features included in the game.

Not only have gamers been questioning certain decisions of Respawn Entertainment’s first IP, like how Titanfall is built to be six on six, but some have gone as far as telling the developers that matchmaking completely renders dedicated servers useless on the forums of Respawn’s official site.

In response to these issues, developer “Scriptacus” has stated,

“Regardless of the method you use to connect to them, dedicated servers offer better performance, lower pings, more consistent pings, remove host advantage and increase security when compared to P2P.”

Concerns were also raised that players could be thrown into matches with “foreigners from across the globe”, leading to shoddy connection issues.

Respawn’s response?

“This is incorrect; many matchmaking systems choose to match players across regions in favor not matching them at all, but it is not a “guarantee”. Your assertion that, with a server browser, there will always be a game with other players available with a low ping is also incorrect. Simply put, sometimes there’s not going to be anyone to play with locally at 3am, matchmaking or not.

Server browsers and matchmaking both provide numerous (if sometimes different) benefits. Give them both credit where credit is due.”

So what are your thoughts on dedicated servers being in Titanfall? Is it for the better? If you’re not too sure, maybe you can form an opinion when you play the Titanfall Beta coming to Xbox One and PC  soon.

Thanks, Gamingbolt.

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