Titanfall Game Director Wants To Improve ‘Update Tempo’ With Post-Launch Support

Titanfall Game Director Steve Fukuda hopes to keep a fast-paced “update-tempo” with Titanfall as the team at Respawn Entertainment shifts gears from making the game to supporting it.

In a recent blog update, Fukuda detailed three different ways the studio hopes to support the game in the following months beyond launch.

“First, we tend the garden and keep the weeds out,” he wrote. “The focus here is on the current game, rather than adding new features. One category here would be minor tweaks and fixes, such as our recent adjustments to the Gooser challenge, more generous Hardpoint scoring for attacking players, and weapon balance tweaks to the Titan 40mm and Quad Rocket.” Also falling into this category are the ongoing improvements to matchmaking. “This is all about the core health of the game,” he adds.

“Convenience features” are the smaller features in Titanfall that lend to a better experience overall. “For example, our most recent update introduced the requested Party Colors feature, allowing you to easily identify fellow party members both in game and in the lobby.” Fukuda explains. “The next update will bring more convenience features such as: the ability to rename your custom loadouts and to make custom loadouts specific to each game mode, a way to filter your Challenges by criteria such as ‘closest to complete’, and displaying the final scoreboard from your previous match in the Last Game Summary so you can review the scores at your leisure in the lobby.”

“Infrastructural features” are feature-rich updates that include additions like Private Matches. “In future updates, we’ll be bringing you the first wave of custom Private Match options, allowing you to personally tweak your Private Match experience in a variety of ways.” Fukuda continued, saying, “Whenever possible, we want to get these kinds of features out early in beta form, in order to get your feedback and arrive at the best possible result through multiple iterations. Competition-oriented and what we call ‘competitive spirit’ features also fall into this category. More on that in future updates.”

Fukuda also noted a few more “tangible” pieces of upcoming content as well – things like new Burn Cards, Titan “Nose Art” Insignias, as well as new game modes and game mode variants. As for paid content, three new maps are arriving in Titanfall’s “Expedition” DLC this may. Get all the details here.

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