Report – EA Cancels Titanfall Pre-Orders in South Africa Due To Poor Network Performance

EA is cancelling pre-orders for Respawn Entertainment’s fast-approaching shooter, Titanfall, in South Africa, according to recent reports.

This image of an Origin notification has recently appeared online, signifying the cancellation of this user’s pre-order copy of Titanfall due to poor network performance in the region.


Currently, Microsoft does not host Azure servers in the region, which is what Titanfall’s online experience will run on. By the sounds of it, current networking capabilities don’t seem to hold up to a standard that would allow EA to launch the game in South Africa.

Earlier, the publishing company told South African gaming site MyGaming that “EA, Respawn and Microsoft have been testing Titanfall all over the world, including South Africa, and we’re confident that players worldwide will have a great experience when the game launches in March. Of course, we’ll always be looking to improve that experience over time – whether that’s through local resources or other enhancements – but we have no other news on that today.

It was also noted earlier that Australian servers would not be available during Titanfall’s launch, though we’ve heard no reports of pre-order cancellations in that region.

We’ve reached out to EA for a statement with regards to the future of Titanfall’s launch in both regions.

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