Titanfall on Xbox 360 Runs at 46.5 FPS On Average

With the help of developer Bluepoint Games, Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall has, at last, made its way to the Xbox 360, launching earlier this morning at 12:00 midnight.

But is it the “true experience” Blupoint claimed it to be? A recent analysis by Digital Foundry has some of the answers.

According to their studies, the Xbox 360 version ships at a 1040×600 native resolution with 2x multi-sampling anti-aliasing, compared to the Xbox One’s 1408×792 resolution, also with 2x MSAA. But by making intelligent compromises on nearly 10-year old hardware, Bluepoint games has retained the majority of what the “true” Titanfall experience has to offer, with most of the hits taken in the texture detail and frame rate departments.

Even then, Titanfall’s frame rate on the Xbox 360 does creep up rather close to its Xbox One counterpart, reaching a 46.5FPS average. That’s if the 30FPS frame rate lock is left turned off, which happens to be the case by default.

As reported earlier, Bluepoint gives users on the Xbox 360 the choice to play Titanfall with an unlocked frame rate – capped at 60FPS – or to lock Titanfall’s frame rate at a steady 30FPS.

The former option allows for the potential to reach 60FPS, but only at very calm moments with not a lot going on on-screen. It may also introduce a number of screen-tearing issues and inconsistent controller response times. The latter, however, provides a more consistent experience, eliminating any sort of screen-tearing and input delays, but locks Titanfall at only 30FPS.

Either way, the choice is left up to the player to decide what he or she feels is best. You can watch a brief frame rate analysis in the video above.

Have you picked up Titanfall on the Xbox 360? What has your experience been so far? Let us know in the comments!

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