Titanfall – Xbox Live’s Major Nelson “Not Worried” About Timed Exclusivity

Someone is not worried about Titanfall being only a timed-exclusive for Microsoft’s Xbox platforms or the PC.

Rumor and hearsay will have you believe that Titanfall, the debut shooter coming out of the newly formed Respawn Entertainment studio, will only be exclusive to the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC for a timed period, and will later make its way to platforms like the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4.

While it’s certainly a possibility as lead artist on the game Joel Emslie did say during E3 2013 that developing the game for other platforms is “definitely not out of the question,” official channels have yet to make such an announcement.

As is stands, well-known Xbox Live personality Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb, is confident that Titanfall will remain an Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC exclusive for good. Answering questions on Reddit, Hyrb stated, “As far as being an exclusive that’s really a question for Titanfall – I’m not worried about it though.”

Looks like current PlayStation 3 and future PlayStation 4 owners will have to hang tight and either wait for a change of heart, or Titanfall 2.

Thanks, GamingBolt

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