Titanfall – Zampella Explains Absence Of Single Player Campaign, Won’t Be Competing With Call Of Duty

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Titanfall, the highly anticipated shooter from the creative minds of the Modern Warfare franchise, will not be implementing a single player campaign, according to Respawn Entertainment studio head, Vince Zampella.

“For us, we’re a small startup studio,” Zampella said, speaking to Game Industry. “We’re 60-some developers. So for us to be able to focus on one platform [helps]. For us it was really helpful to focus on the core game and what’s fun. It’s scoped more adequately to what we have the power to do as a start-up studio.”

“We make these single-player missions that take up all the focus of the studio, that take a huge team six months to make, and players run through it in 8 minutes,” he added. “And how many people finish the single-player game? It’s a small percentage. It’s like, everyone plays through the first level, but 5 percent of people finish the game. Really, you split the team. They’re two different games. They’re balanced differently, they’re scoped differently. But people spend hundreds of hours in the multiplayer experience versus ‘as little time as possible rushing to the end’ [in single-player]. So why do all the resources go there? To us it made sense to put it here. Now everybody sees all those resources, and multiplayer is better. For us it made sense.”

Although, Titanfall won’t include a single player campaign. It will feature some sort of narrative that can be accessed through the multiplayer mode, Zampella revealed.

Additionally, he also stated the following on why Titanfall won’t be competing against the Call Of Duty franchise; “We’re going for something different. We’re not gunning for Call of Duty. We’re doing our thing. The important thing is to make sure what we’re doing is fun. I’m OK with Call of Duty being big. I helped create it, so I’m proud to see it’s something so big that it goes beyond me.”

Titanfall will be released on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC sometime the Spring of 2014. Though it’s release date is rather far off, you can catch the first glimpse of Titanfall in action right here.