Tomb Raider Multiplayer to Include Team Deathmatch, Character Loadouts and Interactive Maps

First details of Tomb Raider’s recently announced multiplayer have surfaced, revealing the inclusion of games modes like Team Deathmatch and “Rescue.”

According to users on the Tomb Raider Forums who have gathered information from the latest issue of OXM, Crystal dynamics acknowledges that fans are wary of such changes to the Tomb Raider franchise. They ensure, however, that “creation and execution are coming from the right place.” We reported earlier that Eidos Montreal would be helming the multiplayer side of things, allowing Crystal Dynamics to focus on the single player alone.

Additional details describe Team Deathmatch as a mode pitting surviving members of Lara’s team against “Scavengers,” a group of hostile natives. Gameplay will include lever-based traps, climbable surfaces, destroyable environmental elements, and weaponry like the bow and arrow.

Rescue, on the other hand, will have survivors collecting med-packs and delivering them to rotating destinations while the Scavengers attempt to reach a certain number of kills.

Hints were also dropped about a mode called “Cry For Help,” which will supposedly place a lot of emphasis on “discovery and collection.”

Additional details gathered by forum user, miss.haggard:

  • Players will be able to “select from a deep roster of characters” with “different stats and loadouts,” including a “primary firearm/bow, sidearm, grenade style projectile,” and a “climbing axe that serves as a melee.”
  • XP gained can go to altering stats and purchasing more advanced characters.
  • Lara will not make an appearance in multiplayer, though players can choose identical characters as teammates.
  • Some single player actions have been sped to better fit the multiplayer.
  • There is a map called “Wind Chasm,” a tropical environment with traps and vantage points.
  • The bow can be used to distract enemies.
  • There are quick-time events.

From what we know so far, Tomb Raider’s multiplayer sounds like a mix of both familiar and new elements. What do you think? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Tanks, Gematsu.

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