Top 10 Female Characters in Multiplayer Games

top 5 females in multiplayer games

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Lots of games nowadays have female characters as the main protagonists. This is a very smart move, considering that the majority of the videogame fans out there are men, so using a well-designed, charismatic, and attractive character is a win-win scenario. 

In fact, attractive girls are unlikely to leave our screens; they sell their products, and they captivate our attention with everything they do. So, it is impossible to compile a definite top, especially since everyone has different tastes. So, this material does not claim to be like a definitive top 10, the one that everyone has to accept as the truth, of course not. It includes characters who are beautiful or/and interesting in our personal opinion, and we encourage you to make up your own list of favorite female characters. I am sure that it will be quite easy to make up a top 50 list, but to compile a top 10 list will be quite hard, so let’s not waste our time anymore. Here’s our list of top 10 female characters in multiplayer games: 



The inventor, adventurer, and heiress of one of the largest states in the Last Light Consortium, Phoebe Elizabeth Audelia Hemsworth the Fourth is not someone to sneeze at. I mean, she controls floating rapiers! How can you even consider messing with her? The character turned out quite original and unique; when thinking about Battleborn, it is her image that appears in our minds. 

Laura,Street Fighter 5


Laura, in our opinion, is the best original character of Street Fighter 5. Her fighting style is unique, just like herself. Restless and active and having no boundaries, Laura constantly gets into trouble, but it’s just as easy for her to make friends. Her playful nature is also manifested in her outfit – a fashionable asymmetrical hairstyle, a deep cleavage, a sports top, and a lot of bracelets on her hands. And I mean, how can you not become her friend, considering her looks?! 

Senua,HellbladeSenua’s Sacrifice 


Senua is a complicated lady. Her heart is occupied by the lost lover, and the mind is inhabited by voices, which gives reason to consider her insane. However, she is so devoted to her beloved that she embarks on a dangerous journey in spite of any obstacles and roadblocks ahead of her because she hopes for even a small chance that she will be able to get him back to life. How many girls are capable of that? She is strong not only in spirit but also in terms of her physique. She fights with monsters and giants and other representatives of mythological fauna. She isn’t afraid of anything, and she won’t stop because of anything that life (or rather hell) throws at her. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice should be on your list of games to play just to get to know her character better. 

Senua looks like a proper Nordic and Slavic beauty; she is simply gorgeous. If you want to meet a woman like her, then be sure to visit this single Russian girls dating site. Find your own Senua; don’t miss out! 

Lohse,Divinity: Original Sin 2


Here’s yet another redhead on our list, and I mean, what can I do about the fact that they are cute? Lohse is one of the main characters of Divinity: Original Sin 2. A bright girl with an eccentric character, she is a musician and an actress, at least in terms of the performance that is happening in her head where several voices live. Apparently, these voices try to take over her at all times, yet she seems fine for the most part. However, this fact does not make the heroine less attractive, rather the opposite. 



Nioh has a lot of beautiful women. For example, one of the best female characters in the game is Maria. She is a smoking hot blonde Spaniard who is also a spy. She is a girl who knows how to kill a man in a thousand and one way, and she cannot be called weak. Actually, Maria proves it more than once during this game. Would you risk saying a word against a girl who not only gracefully lures you into her web but also is capable of killing a man without showing any weaknesses? 

Princess Leia,Star Wars Battlefront 2


That same beautiful princess which many of us remember from childhood. She looks gentle and fragile, but in fact, she is the leader of the rebels, and no one is better at it then Leia. She cannot really be called defenseless despite the fact that, in terms of her appearance, Leia is the closest Star Wars has to perfection. Without her, Star Wars Battlefront 2 would no longer be the same, so it is with confidence we can say that it is she who makes this game worth playing because don’t make me started on their in-game store… But Leia is great there. 

Cassie Cage,Mortal Kombat X 


Restless daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonia Blade is a pain in the ass of her parents. But even at her young age, she is the successful savior of the world; who can add something like that into their resume? Cassie got a great pedigree, and she has something to brag about, even before she steps foot on a battlefield. While I would not call her as charismatic and as well-developed as her parents, she has a long road ahead of her; she has a lot of potential. She loves to take selfies of herself and of her dead enemies. 

Jessica Miller,Need for Speed: Payback


The Need for Speed series is legendary; there is no doubt about it. And when it comes to women, NFS doesn’t lack whatsoever. It is common for EA to use real-life models to be cast as NFS characters, which is a good thing because all of them look beautiful. Yet we are concerned with Need for Speed: Payback for the sake of this list. Jessica Miller is a charismatic and strong woman; she always got your back when you need her the most, and don’t get me started on her looks: the word “gorgeous” doesn’t serve her well; she is something else. 

Chun Li,Street Fighter


Mrs. hypertrophied legs, an Interpol officer, and part-time Chinese officer, Chun Li is among the most legendary video game characters out there. She appeared for the first time in 1991 in the game called Street Fighter 2; you might have heard of it. It was she who became the very first female character in fighting games. She is one of the most recognizable video game characters in history, so it is given that she would be on this list. You can make an entire essay about her legs. Compared to the rest of her body, they are just huge! She is something else, not only are her legs gorgeous, but she can kick the absolute crap of everyone she sees. 

Poison,Street Fighter


But if Chun Lee is a true fighter, then the smoking hot Poison looks more like a porn star, which is emphasized not only by her forms and the sexual outfit but also by her behavior. As we’ve already said, and as you know, most of the players in fighting games are male, so a character like Poison fully meets the public demand. The American audience was so outraged by this character that the designer Yakiro Yasuba had to urgently declare that Poison was actually a transvestite. Poison appeared in various stories and comics from Capcom. Her most recent participation occurred in the game Street Fighter X Tekken. Her being in the first place is just a personal preference more than anything else. 

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