Top RPG Games for Low-End PCs

best rpgs for low end pc

Written by Roy Emerson

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If your PC has stopped coping with new demanding video games, and you still want to play, it is worth paying attention to time-tested RPG games for low-end PCs. Especially since most of them, although can’t boast good graphics, still are quality games that are not inferior to many modern projects.

More than that, old is far not always worse than new and sometimes it’s best to stick to the cult classics than try your chances with suspicious fresh games.  Anyway, here’s my list of 15 times tested RPGs to make your days more enjoyable.


A Diabloid with a large number of different locations, co-op, and a plot immersing in the myths of Ancient Greece, Egypt, East, and Scandinavia. A role-playing system that allows developing your main character flexibly in several directions. The Titan Quest will be a great fun experience if you’re tired of Diablo walkthrough, but the thirst for reckless enemy enchantments still remains.

By the way, this RPG will be suitable not only for slow PCs but also will run on modern systems without any tambourine dances: the developers have re-released an adapted for the high-performance PC version with high-res display support, redeveloped a gameplay balance and fixed various bugs and glitches.



Popular fantasy series, with brave heroes and the magical world of Ankara that you will have to save (surprise). It has co-op, a huge map, unusual character classes (Seraphim, Vampiress, and Gladiator with the appropriate skills), and later – the opportunity to abandon the Good and go to the Dark side.

The Sacred series consists of three parts (plus a few add-ons and spin-offs), but only the first two deserve attention. The third edition of the franchise was developed by another studio and is a rather boring slasher, losing as a competitor in the genre.



А famous BioWare dilogy that opened a path for Canadian guys to the mighty Game Dev. Baldur`s Gate unfolds in the popular Forgotten Realms Universe, and game mechanics are built on modified AD&D system basis. Here players will travel in the wide world with many adventures and battles.


Baldur`s Gate is remembered for its carefully designed gameplay, interesting fellow players (ranger Minsc and his Miniature Giant Space Hamster Boo were included in the Top 50 Greatest PC Game Characters according to Empire magazine), as well as a fascinating plot with unusual plot twists. Like Titan Quest, the series has been re-released for modern gaming systems.


  1. DEUS EX

Action RPG in cyberpunk setting which traces the well-known conspiracy theories about a secret world government, Illuminati, and alien technologies.

Here you will play as a guy equipped with nano-augmentation which provides unique abilities. With their help, agent JC Denton can become invisible, speed up, lift heavy objects, restore health and much more. A wide range of skills allows players to use different gaming tactics: straightforward, stealth, or hack into security systems. The game has received several sequels and prequels for gaming computers of different capacities, including modern powerful MS.



Unfortunately, the cult RPG about vampires was released unfinished, failed in sales and buried its creators, Troika Games for quite a long time. However, the fans have released a lot of patches and mods which fixed bugs and even added some cut content. They have not forgotten and were waiting for a great comeback. And maybe this is the reason why we are getting fresh Bloodlines 2 from its original creators early next year.

The secret of the everlasting public love lies in the great atmosphere, unusual setting (vampires in modern times), interesting characters and a detailed plot filled with unexpected turns.



One of the best old school RPGs, a wonderful game in a steampunk setting that tells about a world where magic and technology are mixed in a bizarre symbiosis. Here is where the journey of the main character begins. He, by the will of fate, becomes the one able to stop the end of the world. He will have to put together a team of comrades-in-arms and fight dangerous evil that threatens the entire Arcanum.

The project is thrilling with its exciting story, original combat system which allows you to combine step-by-step battles and real-time fights, as well as setting, in which characters use both magic and weapons.



Hello again, BioWare! The Neverwinter Nights mechanism is based on the D&D roleplay system which means character customization, a wide class choice, dice rolls to determine the probability of the outcome of events. The plot, as always, is stuffed with epic: here we have powerful artifacts discoveries, dragons, and saving the world.

The second part of the series was developed by Obsidian studio, and it turned out not that impressive. But still worthy of attention: an interesting story, variety-filled gameplay pleases with dynamics.



Star Wars Universe dilogy (i.e., trilogy, including 2011 MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic). However, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker will not be found here: KotOR unfolds 4000 years before the events described in the movies which “untied the developers’ hands”, allowing to create an original script.

The Star Wars: The Old Republic games attract with an unusual plot (unexpected 5th-episode-like twists included), well-designed combat and role-playing systems, interesting companions (no one will ever forget the charming HK-47 droid), as well as the opportunity to learn the secrets of The Force and go to the Dark Side.



Wonderful Action RPG from the Arkane (Dishonored). The game combines fencing, archery, magic spells, and also fully uses the Source Engine: a local physical model allows you to through enemies over the edge, crush heavy objects and tear down loose structures. Level design, in turn, makes it possible to choose a walkthrough style: go straightforward or use secret corridors to bypass your opponents.

The action takes place in the Might and Magic Universe, and the plot is full of references to the 5th part of Heroes of Might and Magic. Players will take part in large-scale events, and make a choice between good and evil in the end.



The cult series of PC RPGs that gamers remember by the abundance of various gameplay features, high complexity, interesting and quite realistic action, the detailed worlds, as well as a huge number of bugs, many of which, however, allowed performing missions in workarounds.

The franchise has four official games and several add-ons, but only the first two parts (and, with reservations, the third) are worthy of attention. After some issues with the publisher and the loss of the rights, the developers released another series  – the Risen trilogy which is a little or no different from Gothic atmosphere and gameplay. But downloading these games to a low-end PC is no longer possible – you will have to get a more productive system.



A fabulous game with a fascinating plot and an incredible abundance of opportunities. Here everything that the main character does directly affects him. If you do good, the love of citizens and a small nimbus are all yours, while the villain scares people and grows horns. A glutton becomes fat, a warrior with a heavy sword builds muscles, and a drunkard will constantly swing.

More than that, in Fable: The Lost Chapters you can literally live: buy a house, marry, give birth and raise a child. Just do not be surprised if, after long wanderings around the world, your second half will get tired of the constant waiting and want to divorce.



The legendary series from Bethesda Game Studios has won numerous awards, gained recognition from millions of players and gave fantasy fans an extraordinary universe with the opportunity to be anyone and do whatever they want.

The first part of the franchise came out back in 1994, but I will not look that far into the past. I recommend two games for a low-end PC: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Both offer players open world exploration, adventures, and various character classes: the greatest warrior / mage / thief / assassin. In this game, you can even challenge the gods!



RPG, based on the literary world of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, has marked the beginning of one of the best game series ever. The Witcher tells the story of – guess who? – the witcher Geralt, highlighting the events that unfold after the plot of the book saga. The main character will have to fight monsters, perform various tasks and make many difficult decisions that may have far-reaching consequences.

Fans of the literary works will meet many familiar characters in The Witcher, visit famous locations and find references to the events described in the books. However, the game has a completely independent story that’s why it will be no less interesting for those who are not familiar with the original source.



Diablo games are great for PCs of all categories: the first and second parts are for old PCs, the third is for modern. Here, gamers will face endless battles in a dark fantasy setting with the obligatory saving the world.

The first part of the game takes players to the dungeons located under the city of Tristram, where hordes of assorted monsters settled, and Diablo itself dwells at the lowest level. The sequel is more diverse in terms of locations: here you can visit swamps and deserts, clear out gloomy dungeons and even go to Hell. Literally. In addition, Diablo 2 contains cooperative and competitive multiplayer.



A legendary franchise that takes us to a post-apocalyptic world that has survived a nuclear war. Here, in the radioactive wastelands, people were able to survive and build a kind of civilization with its laws different from the fabric of modern society.

Fallout games are valuable, first of all, because of their complete freedom of action. From the very first minutes, the player is free to send the main character wherever he/she wants, perform tasks in various ways, use brute force, rely on stealth, or peacefully settle all conflicts using a silver tongue.

The game has an original visual style with mixed post-apocalypse and retro-futurism, a great adventure atmosphere and unique black humor. For low-end PCs, the first and second parts of the franchise will work just fine. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas can be recommended for average systems, but only the owners of modern PCs can enjoy the graphic beauty of Fallout 4.

Author bio: Roy Emerson is a technology enthusiast, a loving father of twins, a programmer in a custom software company. Editor in chief of, greedy reader and gardener.

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