Top 7 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Issues We Want Fixed at Launch

modern warfare patch 1.08 review

While the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta left a good impression on us as a whole, there are a few stuff in it that we experienced that left us hoping that it will get fixed at launch. The good news is, some of the Modern Warfare beta issues we mention below have been confirmed to be stuff that Infinity Ward is taking a look at, so would-be players might not even experience some of these issues come launch.

Blue dots of death

In the beta, friendlies had a blue dot on top of their heads to let you know that, y’know, they’re friendlies and not someone you should shoot. Unfortunately, there’s this little issue in Modern Warfare that shows the blue dot overlapping an enemy name ID that will totally get you killed. Here’s what it looks like:

Peeking but not hidden

A new feature in Call of Duty games featured in Modern Warfare is the ability to peek at corners. Given you’re peeking, it’s assumed that you’re not exposing your entire body to be shot at. Well, there’s a bug in the game that has you peeking, but leaves your entire body jutting out like you’re shooting at them out of cover. This looks to be one of those things that are easily fixable, so we hope and assume it will be come launch.

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Footsteps sounds are broken

In the Modern Warfare beta, friendly footsteps are super loud, and it’s annoying as hell. It sounded like a lumbering giant was trampling all over the place. In comparison, enemy footsteps were too soft sounding. This is one of those things that Infinity Ward has said they’re looking into, so we’re not that fussed about it.

modern warfare beta netcode

Dark in all the wrong places

Probably one of the most annoying — if not the most annoying — thing in the beta was how enemies looked undiscernible whenever they’re inside buildings, rooms, or anything that provides cover. You literally cannot see enemies, but they can see you perfectly.

Thankfully, Infinity Ward has said this: “We will also be looking into lighting and exposure on various areas of the map, such as how you view dark rooms from the outside of a building and vice versa, for example.”

We’re hoping that this will be fixed, though we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not fixed entirely come launch since other games (like Battlefield 5) still has this issue up to this day.

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Scorestreaks and not killstreaks, please

If there’s one major change Infinity Ward brought to the table in Modern Warfare that’s not for the better, it’s changing scorestreaks to killstreaks. This means that less and less people go after objectives since there’s no actual benefit to doing so aside from winning, which you’d be surprised how many people care little for.

While there’s a perk to make points count towards your killstreaks, it’s at the expense of one perk slot, which is a huge penalty in a Call of Duty game.

Players don’t go after objectives enough as it is, there’s no need to lessen the incentive. Infinity Ward has made no acknowledgement of this, and it seems we’re stuck with this for now.

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Spawns are in a word: terrible

In some Call of Duty games, Spawns were an issue, but I’m betting you, it never was as bad as it was in the Modern Warfare beta. Want proof? Go watch this video and see how bad it was.

Thankfully, Infinity Ward is tweaking it come launch. That said, though, we don’t know what kind of improvements they can make, and whether it will be a big improvement. The upside is, this is one of those things that the devs can constantly improve within the game’s lifecycle.

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Netcode: should we be worried?

If you played the beta, and constantly died even when you were behind cover, yeah, the issue there is the netcode, which we now know is worse than that of Black Ops 4! Infinity Ward has not mentioned anything about this, which worries us a bit. If this doesn’t get fixed at launch, then prepare for a lot of irritated players.

This is one of those cases where we’re hoping gets sorted at launch, and the devs don’t keep quiet about. Not just for US players, but even those worldwide.

There you have it. If you played the Modern Warfare beta, what kind of issues did you experience are you hoping gets fixed at come October 25? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

Alex… You missed the worst issues IW and MW2019 are facing. Why?

IW has one month to fix the most critical problems in MW2019… and there’s no way they can by October 25th. Could they fix the game in the near future? No. Could MW2019 ever… be a decent good working online war game, for groups of friends (like large War Clans) to tactically play together… only if IW realizes their mistakes and delays MW’s release to 2020 and makes a major overhaul of the game. Release MW2019 next December 2020 fixed… or only expect kiddies to buy MW2019… and then have MW2019 laughed out of the Video game market.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta netcode much worse than most popular shooters today – report

Reply to  RedKnightOH
3 years ago

I can’t tell are you a bot or spam?
Alex mentioned netcode and it being worse than BO4

Reply to  jameslara
3 years ago

Worse, he’s a drama queen.

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