Total War: Arena Patch Improves Scoreboard UI, Tweaks Commander Power Limitation & More

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The latest Total War: Arena patch fixes a long list of bugs including: an issue with artillery not turning, no longer allowing you to move and shoot with light artillery while they’re deployed, several crashing issues and more.

In addition to this, Creative Assembly has also worked on: scoreboard UI improvements, matchmaking Bbalance – Commander Power limitation, improved end screen, improved Consumables panel, balancing & content changes and general UI changes.

The full list of patch notes can be found here.

For the extensive list of bug fixes, see below:

Bug Fixes

– Fixed a multitude of high count crashes observed since the last update.

– Fixed a crash that might have occurred when an artillery unit’s commander dies.

– Further improvements for crashes related to 32-bit machines.

– Game no longer desyncs when using the “Ambush Flurry” ability.

– No longer possible to move and shoot with Light Artillery while they are deployed.

– Can no longer bypass the cooldown of abilities by right-clicking on a possible docking zone.

– Charging through friendly units will no longer cancel that allied player’s movement order.

– Stationary sub-squads will no longer charge when the main body of the squad charges.

– Units will no longer stand-up for a brief second after knockback.

– Toggling abilities to off no longer causes units to lose their orders.

– Buff & Debuff abilities now stay active for the full duration if reapplied to a unit.

– “Presence” ability cooldown no longer resets when ability duration is complete.

– “Repair” ability can now be used on partially damaged artillery.

– Can no longer activate consumable ammunition when disassembling artillery.

– Can no longer manual aim when disassembling and repairing artillery.

– Barbarian Cavalry can now throw Scorched Earth behind them.

– Units in “Formed Combat” will now attack and do damage to routing units.

– Improved “Formed Combat” behaviour when units in Pike Phalanx move backwards.

– “Scorched Earth” should no longer throw javelins.

– “Flaming Throw” should now throw flaming projectiles.

– Phalanx/Spear Wall now has collision with destructible objects.

– “Focus Fire” should no longer orientate the units towards a non-ordered orientation after use.

– After a unit uses “Throw Pila” they will no longer reform a few steps backwards.

– If “Fear” is attempted on an enemy far away while on a cliff edge, the entire unit will no longer constantly shuffle on the cliff edge.

– Fixed an issue where it was possible for artillery to not turn.

– Artillery projectiles should no longer vanish in mid-air after use.

– Men entities will no longer “glide” when moving a heavy artillery unit after assembling.

– Additional pathfinding bug fixes.

– Giving a unit a movement order while walking around a corner will now keep them in formation.

– If all players on the winning team quit the battle they will no longer get a victory.

– Heavy Infantry Charge is now available again in the basic training tutorial.

– FPS will no longer drop to radical levels when using x2 and x5 fast forward speeds in replays.

– Replays will start with the player’s view as opposed to a random player’s view.

– Live replays no longer appear for games older than 14 minutes.

– Fixed duplicate position markers appearing on the minimap after a unit has been spotted.

– Tooltips will now display correct text when hovering over all unit icons on the scoreboard.

– Extra abilities that units shouldn’t have no longer display on the World Info Panel.

– Unit cards are now correctly coloured when viewed on the World Info Panel.

– Unit health will not automatically display as 0% after taking damage if using the % setting for the unit health display.

– Fixed an issue where names could get mismatched on the deployment screen.

– Players who disconnect after selecting a slot on the deployment screen will now free up their selected slot for someone else to pick.

– Entity markers will no longer briefly flash when fading out after selecting a different unit.

– Agema Cavalry can no longer be unlocked without purchasing prerequisite items.

– Can now unlock the “Imperator” & “Ad Victoriam” achievements.

– Sulla is now counted towards the Ad Victoriam achievement.

– Salernum map fires now have audio.

– Cleaned up “Defiance” * & “Fury” tooltip – should now say it delays death, rather than delay damage.

– Cleaned up “Format Combat” tooltip – should no longer mention that it does damage on knockback.

– Cleaned up multiple abilities that were using incorrect information in the “Target” field of the tooltip.

– Cleaned up some grammatical errors with certain unit descriptions.

– References to increases or decreases of time on the commander ability tree are now worded so they’re in line with the rest of the frontend.

– Greek Archers should now have bow icons that accurately reflect the weapon equipped.

– Player usernames no longer cut-off the screen on the minimum resolution (1280×768).

– The tooltip for adding a consumable no longer overlays the consumable description.

– “Failed to Authenticate” message has been reworded to be clearer.

– [LOC – All Non-English] – “YOU” sub-section of Parties & Friends no longer has a missing string.

– [LOC – Japanese] – Fixed text misalignment on the squad panel for the daily victory and diversity bonus text.

What do you think to the latest patch? Do you prefer the new user interface? Let us know below.

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