Tour Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves’ New Vendor & Faction Gear

With the launch of Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves right around the corner, expect your favorite Tower vendors to receive a fresh batch of stock, offering new weapons, armor, and class items.

All of the new Vendor and Faction gear will be available to both DLC and non-DLC buyers, according to Bungie, so as long as you have enough Vanguard or Crucible marks in your pocket, you’ll be able to equip your Guardian with a new look. The new gear will also be Ascend- and Reforge-ready, meaning you’ll be able to upgrade items to maximum level or re-roll for better perks for a cost.

Thanks to a handful of Destiny YouTubers, you can get a look at the new gear ahead of time and plan out your purchases right now. Check out the videos below showing off all of the new Vendor and Faction gear.

Tell us in the comments what you plan on picking up first once House of Wolves arrives on May 19!

House of Wolves Vanguard & Crucible Vendor Gear

[youtube id=”GN8NBc-ULcE”]

House of Wolves Faction Gear

[youtube id=”msX12y17ehY”]

[youtube id=”akkNp3AGnwc”]

Footage courtesy of DPJ

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