Treyarch Community Update – The Introduction of Arms Race TDM and Spawn Changes to Multiplayer

Treyarch addresses the Black Ops 2 community in this latest video blog where game design director David Vonderhaar covers some of the more important updates included in the latest Black Ops 2 patch.

The biggest change most players will notice is the introduction of “Arms Race,” a TDM game mode where every kill event is worth a total of 150 score, meaning you earn score streaks much faster. Vahn considers it a fun alternative to one of Call of Duty’s most popular game modes.

Not as noticeable, but just as important, are some of the changes made to spawning. An update introduced in the previous Black Ops 2 patch conjured a few unexpected side effects, and so the multiplayer team has reverted Black Ops 2’s spawning to the way it was before the previous update.

There are als a few goodies for you Zombies fans out there, so definitely stay tuned.

Check out the video update for yourself below:

[youtube id=”5154IlVfkPc” width=”618″ height=”378″]

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