Treyarch Dev Teases Black Ops II Multiplayer HUD and Custom Games Settings, Debunks Old Rumor

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David Vonderhaar of Treyarch talks about the new multiplayer HUD for Call of Duty: Black Ops II as the team tries to strike a balance between a great art style and readability and teases some upcoming intel.

“So fired up right now,” tweeted Vonderhaar recently. “UI team put together an MP HUD visual design. Clean with high readability/usability but maintains great looking art.” He added that “the boys [have] been working so hard to find the balance between beautiful and high usability. I shed tears of joy in the meeting.”

If you’re dying to know what exactly the HUD will look like (which we certainly are), Vonderhaar also teased a tease that we may be treated to in the near future, stating, “I predict a day in near future where Call of Duty Facebook ‘leaks’ an example of new icon style.” Additionally, you can take a look at this leaked image that show what the HUD could potentially look like. If it is real, you can most likely expect some updates to have taken place since then.

Vonderhaar also revealed that the Custom Games setting will allow for further options than in previous Call of Duty titles. When asked if it will be possible to take off third-person spectating from private matches so people can’t use it to assist others, Vonderhaar replied, “can’t get into details right now but doing a lot of work for Custom Games to give you more control of spectating behavior and rules.”

Lastly, when referenced to an older Black Ops II multiplayer rumor including game modes and perks which we reported on here, Vonderhaar confirmed the rumors to be fake, stating, “I don’t use 3rd party sites to give info out. Ever.”

Though, we have recently learned that Treyarch plans to build Black Ops II’s multiplayer from the ground up.

Were there any particular improvements you would like to have seen made to the HUD or Custom Games settings in the original Black Ops?

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