Trion Worlds Shows Gratitude, Awards All Defiance Players With In-Game items, April 15 Patch Notes

Today, the team behind the the ambition MMO TPS Defiance, has something special in store for you as a token of appreciation.

Executive producer at Trion Worlds, Nathan Richardsson, writes in a recent blog post, “[launch has] been rough, we know. So your account now has a gift from us, to you. To make good, to show you that we really appreciate what you’ve gone through with us.”

According to Richardsson, you can expect to see the following items be added to your account the next time you log in:

  • Exclusive Launch-Only In-Game Title: Daredevil
  • 1-Week Weapons Skill Boost
  • 1-Week Scrip Boost
  • 1-Week Loot Boost
  • 1-Week XP Boost

In addition, Sledgehammer70, community manager of Defiance, has recently outed what changes we can expect once the previously mentioned April 15 patch goes live. You can see the rather lengthy patch notes here, or check out some of the platform-specific highlights below:

Platform-Specific Patch Notes


  • Added option to turn off voice chat.
  • Fixed not being able to select some options in character create with a controller.
  • Removed non-functional Social button from the patcher.
  • Fixed arkfall end screens only being scrollable with arrow keys.

XBOX 360

  • Fixed various Kinect bugs.Fixed some voice chat issues.
  • “Last online” for friends now appears correctly.
  • Optimized audio.
  • Fixed a bug that could causes players to fall through the world while on a vehicle.


  • Fixed a bug that caused friend invites to be delayed. Fixed a bug that caused friend logout notifications to be delayed.
  • Fixed some voice chat issues.
  • “Last online” for friends now appears correctly.
  • Optimized audio.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some characters from being entered on the keypad.

We’re interested to hear to hear from you in the comments: How do you think Trion Worlds has handled the launch of Defiance so far?

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