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Defiance Upcoming DLC Details – Will Contain Free And Paid Content News 12

News 12 Regardless on your opinion on paid DLC, the folks over at Trion Worlds will have something to keep everyone happy when they release their upcoming five pieces of DLC for Defiance throughout the year. According to Defiance’s executive producer Nathan Richardsson, the first DLC for Defiance will be outlined in the following format: Free Content […]

Trion Worlds Shows Gratitude, Awards All Defiance Players With In-Game items, April 15 Patch Notes News 10

News 10 Today, the team behind the the ambition MMO TPS Defiance, has something special in store for you as a token of appreciation. Executive producer at Trion Worlds, Nathan Richardsson, writes in a recent blog post, “[launch has] been rough, we know. So your account now has a gift from us, to you. To make good, to […]

Defiance Gets Five Pieces Of DLC This Year, April 15 Patch to Address a Number of Issues News 14

News 14 Defiance, the ambitious MMO TPS by Trion Worlds, has already been in the hands of gamers for two weeks. Those wondering how exactly the dev team will be supporting the title post-release will be happy to know that they plan to work hard to deliver additionaly content and fix any issues that you may come […]

Play Defiance Now and Check Out The Launch Trailer News 14

News 14 Trion World’s open-world action-shooter Defiance is, at last, out of beta testing and into the wild, now playable on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Defiance lets you explore an alien-infested San Francisco Bay Area as an Ark Hunter, gathering highly sought-after alien technology and taking out anything that stands in your way. Best of […]

Defiance Beta Xbox 360 Patch Addresses Lag And Login Issues, Now Live News 10

News 10 The third beta for Trion World’s action MMO Defiance is currently underway as participants experience both co-op and competitive action in an alien infested war zone. According to the ‘Community Overlord,’ Sledgehammer70, a recent patch on the Xbox 360 version of the beta just went live, addressing a number of issues. Some users who have been […]

Defiance Advanced Mission Beta 3 Will Include Xbox 360 and PlayStation Users News 9

News 9 It will also be NDA free, meaning participants of the beta will be able to talk openly about it and share in-game footage. That means you’ll get to see more of Trion World’s open-world, action-shooter Defiance in action. Details of the upcoming beta are as follows, with more details on invites to come: Advance Mission […]

Defiance Gets Competitive With This Shadow War Multiplayer Trailer News 8

News 8 Trion Worlds is out to show off the intense competitive multiplayer component of Defiance, releasing on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC this April 2. Defiance’s new competitive multiplayer trailer shows off some of the player vs. player action known as Shadow War. In a mix of infantry and vehicular combat, you’ll get to […]

Defiance – New Live Action Trailer, Advanced Mission Beta 2 and VBI Kit Giveaway News 9

News 9 A new live action trailer for Trion World’s upcoming, open-world shooter sets Defiance on course for an April 2 release date. Additionally, new beta details arise and we got stuff to give away. First off, have a gander at the brand new live action trailer for demonstrating some alien vs human action as the Ark […]

Defiance – Requires No Monthly Subscription, Four New Editions Announced News 7

News 7 Questions surfaced about whether or not Defiance would adopt a subscription-based model. While the micro-transaction in the game are still unknown, Sony revealed yesterday that the title will not have a monthly subscription. While it’s not exactly a free-to-play title, it does follow the standard of pretty much every console multiplayer title out there, meaning […]

Defiance ‘Advanced Mission Beta 1’ Now Live News 8

News 8 Trion Worlds has launched the first official PC beta for their upcoming, massive open-world shooter, Defiance. The beta will last until Sunday, the 20th, so hopefully you’ve managed to sign up. If not, we’re still giving away keys. Head on over to our forums for some last minute copies! You can use them to sign up […]

Defiance – New Co-op And Television Trailer News 8

News 8 Trion Worlds have released a brand-new Defiance gameplay trailer, this time showing off it’s massive co-operative mode. If you didn’t know this now, Defiance, the game, will be getting a TV show tie-in that will debut on the Syfy channel this April. Unlike most TV and game adaptations, Defiance does something new by linking both […]

Defiance PC Beta Coming January 18, Beta Key Giveaway News 9

News 9 Defiance, an open-world action shooter by Trion Worlds tied to the upcoming TV show of the same name, will be entering its beta stage on the PC this January 18. Those participating in “Advanced Mission Beta 1” will play the role of a genetically enhanced, part treasure hunter, part mercenary known as an Ark Hunter. […]