Play Defiance Now and Check Out The Launch Trailer

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Trion World’s open-world action-shooter Defiance is, at last, out of beta testing and into the wild, now playable on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Defiance lets you explore an alien-infested San Francisco Bay Area as an Ark Hunter, gathering highly sought-after alien technology and taking out anything that stands in your way. Best of all, you can easily join up with your friends, or battle against them in Defiance’s gigantic open-world, ripe with opportunities to adventure and explore.

To learn more about Defiance, check out the official website and have a peek at the launch trailer below.

As with any launch of an MMO/Open-Work game like Defiance, things will seem a tad shaky at first. Trion Worlds has posted a number of issues they are currently looking into to make your journey as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

Trion Worlds writes in a recent blog entry, “This first day of launch of Defiance, a PC-PS3-XBOX360-massively-online-tv-show-connected-third-person-open-world-shooter, has been as awesome as we expected it to be. And by awesome, I mean we’re neck deep addressing all the issues that come up when you scale something up to a million people from a test environment of thousands.”

  • Connectivity – Being able to connect, patch and play. This has a number of things that can be plaguing you depending on platform and what version of the game you have. We’re on it like a shark during winter solstice.
  • Pre-order items – WHERE ARE THEY?!?!? We have a number of cases where they aren’t being delivered to you. We know. They haven’t disappeared nor will they. They might pop up suddenly over the next hours, the next time you log on or tomorrow.
  • Bosses and Arkfalls – They might be very difficult as they scale and the rewards not in any sane correlation to what they should be, being this difficult. You’re right, it’s not right. On it.
  • Chat and VOIP – This isn’t broken, we just believe people should use their psychic abilities more. Can you hear what I’m saying to you right now? Yes, exactly. We’re working on it.

To keep up-to-date on server outages or updates, we also recommend following @DefianceGame on Twitter.

How has your Ark hunting experience been so far? Any thoughts on the game you’d like to share?