Twisted Metal – David Jaffe On Maps, Possible EU Release Date, And Demo

David Jaffe has just revealed a number of new details about the new upcoming Twisted Metal game.

First thing first: the Europe release date. Although Jaffe isn’t 100% sure about the date, he states that Europe should be receiving the game by February 16th, which is just two days after the North America release date. He also confirmed that there will be a demo for the game, but the date is still to be announced along with whether it will be a single player or a multiplayer demo.

Here are some brand new details on the maps of Twisted Metal:

  • The game will be packed with 8 large maps, which can be broken down into 22 sub-maps, bringing the total to 30 different varieties.
  • One of the maps is the Suburbs. This is just one of the 8 larger maps, which has a sub map titled GRINDHOUSE. This takes place inside a movie theater, which according to David Jaffe, was designed for close quarter combat and to bring you some old school feelings. This map even supports 16 players.
  • The pick-ups in each sub-maps are very unique compared to the larger maps. This is most likely due to the sizes of each map. I will assume that this means that pick-ups in the GRINDHOUSE are designed for closer range, while on the larger version of it, you’ll have weapons design for long range.
  • 2 Player versus supported on all 30 maps
  • 4 player split-screen only gets around 7-9 maps because not all maps could support all 4 players.
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