Twisted Metal Last Minute Tweaking, More on Balance and Destruction

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe speaks out about the last weeks of Twisted Metal development.

The final code for the game has been submitted according to Jaffe, and at the moment they are preparing last minute tweaking. The most crucial thing that they are constantly re-tweaking is the pick-up items. They want to make sure to create memorable spots for pick-ups along with a way to set them up so that players aren’t constantly sitting in one spot. They are designing the pick-up to make players move around more.

In the level LA Skyline, there is a rotating rooftop. In order to get off of it, you must make sure you have enough turbo, and that you are aligned with the ramp correctly, otherwise you’ll get knocked off and receive fall damage. This is one of the areas where the team behind Twisted Metal is further tweaking so that you are getting “punished” enough, but not enough to “grief” your team mates. So far the amount of falls allowed before you die is two to three .

Environmental damage is also being tweaked so that they may be destroyed properly. For example, in LA Skyline, there is a wrecking ball that can be shot at and once destroyed it will demolish an entire Skyscraper, in which players will then be allowed to enter the fallen pieces. Areas like these are mostly blocked until you perform some sort of  environmental demolishing and are ideal locations for faction leaders. Also being adjusted is the amount of XP awarded to players. Jaffe explained that how much XP needed to rank up is currently unknown.

Also worth mentioning that the early adopters of Twisted Metal are going to receive Twisted Metal Black free of charge.

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