Twisted Metal Matchmaking “Fail Rate is Down to 50%”, Demo Might Get an Extension

David Jaffe took to Twitter to update Twisted Metal fans on the matchmaking issues hampering the demo.

Twisted Metal’s Director, David Jaffe, announced that he received a “Twisted Metal demo update from Sony producer” regarding the matchmaking issues. While the problems aren’t “fully addressed, the fail rate is down to 50%.” He went on to add, “player counts have doubled since yesterday.” He assured that the “teams [are] working on a weekend fix so ideally game will [be] at 0% fail rate soon.” Jaffe also noted that the demo servers might stay up beyond February 7th, he stated, “I will talk to Sony about leaving demo up a bit longer to make up for” the down time.

Twisted Metal is set to release on February 14th on the PS3. Be sure to check out the latest Twisted Metal news.

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