Ubisoft Dev, Sony Devs Throw Shade at Elden Ring UI, Performance, Quest Design

While Elden Ring seems to be the one of the most critically acclaimed games in recent memory (currently sitting at a very impressive 97 overall on Metacritic), it seems some video game developers aren’t impressed with FromSoftware’s latest action-RPG.

Over on Twitter, former Battlefield 2042 dev and now current UX Director at Ubisoft Ahmed Salama (Twitter profile is locked) pointed out that Elden Ring snagging a 97 average on Metacritic is “proof” that game critics don’t give a crap about game UX (user experience). In the same tweet, Nixxes Software (now a first-party Sony studio) dev Rebecca Fernandez O’Shea, and Senior Quest Designer of Horizon Forbidden West Blake Rebouche (Twitter profile locked) also threw shade by mentioning the faulting the game’s PC graphics, stability & performance, and even the quest design.

Not only that, but Salama also adds that the Elden Ring UX is so bad, he can only imagine FromSoftware devs are smoking in their desks and using CRT monitors, even.


While MP1st is one of the websites that gave Elden Ring a 10/10 score, I can confirm that we do care about a game’s UX. I know it’s healthy competition and all, but seeing devs throw shade at a game that’s getting universal acclaim from both gamers and critics just seems salty at this point.

Let’s hope whatever Ubisoft shows us next in terms of an open-world sandbox experience blows us away.

Note: Image credit to Reddit user gamboozino (thread title is “If Ubisoft developed Elden Ring”

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