Ubisoft Explains Why There’s No The Division 2 Raid Matchmaking, State of the Game Summary Listed

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With Ubisoft rolling out title update #3 earlier this week for The Division 2, not only did Ubisoft Massive release a ton of gameplay improvements, tweaks and more, but it also laid down the groundwork for the game’s first-ever Raid called Operation Dark Hours. Unfortunately, for those who don’t have a lot of friends who play The Division 2, this eight-man event will need to be put on hold until you find a sufficient number of teammates as there will be no The Division 2 Raid matchmaking available — at  least for now.

In today’s State of the Game, Ubisoft explained why The Division 2 Raid matchmaking has been disabled, and here’s why:

We decided to not include matchmaking as we don’t think this will create a good gameplay experience for random groups. The Raid will test your ability to communicate well, have a good build setup and will require great teamwork to beat encounters.

In addition to that quote, here’s a look at the studio’s thinking of why they won’t include The Division 2 Raid matchmaking out of the gate:

  • In general, the players should not look at the raid as another Incursion. The Raid is not something you do randomly – this is something you plan, you organize and you prepare for (builds / roles etc). During the raid, you communicate and then you learn from that experience and do it differently the next time.
  • That is why they want to go with a pre-set and organized group so that you also have a good experience in the raid, you can talk to each other, coordinate and be prepared
  • Especially in the first discovery phase when everybody learns how to beat the raid – they want to emphasize the social aspect and to build something together.
  • But they are also open-minded for future developments, changes, and evolvement of the activity. They don’t take any feedback lightly because the raid is a very important part of The Division 2 – but for the launch of the raid – they want it to be that social and group-building experience.

That’s a bummer, no? For the rest of the State of the Game summary regarding Gear Score, and more, read on below.

Invasion Reset

  • The Weekly Missions were changed that they are no longer random but on a more controlled schedule.
  • The Weekly Invasion will change again on Thursday, so get the Nemesis blueprint now.

Hardwired Gear Set Chest Piece Stat Changes

  • Some attributes were changed on the Hardwired Chest Piece and rerolled on the gear that you already had – that was not included in the patch notes.

Frequent Deltas since TU3

  • Since the release of Title Update 3 they had a more frequent amount of server crashes.
  • This is what they are investigating and try to fix it as soon as possible – especially with the raid coming.

Roosevelt Island progression blocker

  • There are two new progression blockers in Rosevelt island – one with C4 and one with ropes.
  • They are looking into that and try to fix it asap.

Classified Assignment

  • Two of these Classified Assignments have been added to the game with TU3.
  • They are small missions that are available in the Open World.
  • They are narrative and lore driven to explore what happened in Washington D.C. before you arrived there.
  • There are many small collectibles and secrets.
  • You can find the assignment in an area that is marked on the map and then you have to find the mission itself.
  • Classified Assignments are exclusive to Year 1 Pass owner.

Stay tuned for more Operation Dark Hours details hitting the site soon.

Source: Reddit