Ubisoft Reveals Ghost Recon Breakpoint Microtransactions, First Episodes Detailed

ghost recon breakpoint microtransactions

Ubisoft has revealed what players can purchase with Ghost Recon Breakpoint microtransactions, as well as the content coming to the game in the first year after release. Ubisoft is well-known for having strong plans for post-launch content for all of their games, and it seems as though Ghost Recon Breakpoint is no exception. Check out the image below and read on for more details.


In addition to Adventures, Raids, Special Events, New Classes, and more, Ubisoft says that there will be way more opportunities to return to Auroa in year 1. There will be three episodes with this first year of content, the first of which will begin when the game launches. Ubisoft also said that AI teammates are on their way to the game, but they probably won’t make it for the launch.

Episode 1 – Operation Greenstone

Operation Greenstone will start on Breakpoint’s official launch date of October 4, 2019. The episode takes players to the volcanic island of Auroa in a set of raids that are freely available to all players. The raids will rotate each week, offering new gameplay experiences and reasons to replay again and again to get the best loot in the game.

Each episode will also feature a live event, bringing a special guest to help players tackle a particular challenge. For episode 1 the Terminator, a T-800, will be coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint to threaten the inhabitants of Auroa. Completing live event missions rewards players with weapons, customisation options, gear, and vehicles. Even if you miss the live event, it’ll still be possible to play the main story missions relating to it once it’s over.

Engineer Class

The first new class to come to Ghost Recon Breakpoint after launch will be the Engineer. Year 1 pass owners will get one week early access to the class, as well as an automatic unlock for it.

Faction Missions

Factions in Ghost Recon Breakpoint will evolve after the game launches. Two narrative missions will begin every three weeks which will let players follow the evolution of each faction moving through year 1. There will also be 14 daily missions to tackle, bringing new challenges each day.


There will be consistent multiplayer updates throughout episode 1, including new maps and balances.

Episode 2 – Launching February 2020

Deep State – New Adventure

This new adventure will provide over 5 hours of content for players, with the first hour being free for all players and the rest locked off for year 1 pass owners. It will be possible to join a friend with the pass to complete the adventure, but only those with the pass will benefit from the exclusive rewards.

Episode 2 will also bring updates to the game’s first raid, a new special event, more faction missions, and updates to PVP throughout the course fo a few months.

Episode 3 – Launching June 2020

Transcendence – New Adventure

The new mission looks to be much more tech based than previous episodes, but no details have been given yet.

Once again, Episode 3 will update and bring new content to all aspects of Ghost Recon Breakpiont.

Purchasable Content

Ubisoft has also revealed some content that players will be able to purchase in-game in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. These can be purchased with either Skell Credits, the currency earned and found in-game, or Ghost Coins, which are purchased with real world money. The difference clearly favours Ghost Coins as the premium currency, see the differences below.

Skell Credits can be used for the following:

  • Crafting specific weapons
  • Unlocking specific attachments
  • Purchasing specific weapons and gear
  • Unlocking specific customization items
  • Unlocking specific vehicles

Ghost Coins can be used for the following:

  • Exchanging for more Skell Credits
  • Unlocking weapon blueprints automatically (you can find them in-game for free)
  • Unlocking weapon attachments automatically (you can find them in-game for free)
  • Exclusive customization options
  • Exclusive vehicles
  • Various time savers
  • Rewards Booster

Item packs will also be available for purchase, allowing most items in the game to be purchased if necessary.

A range of time saving consumables can be purchased as well. These equate to crafting materials and other such items that let players get the item they need straight away instead of needing to go out into the world and find it.

Battle Rewards

Battle Rewards are a new system in Ghost Recon Breakpoint that work in a similar way to battle passes in Fortnite. Each episode will have 2 acts that players can earn Battle Points during, which will earn them progress in the Battle Rewards system. At each rank there will be a random reward, which is guaranteed not to be a duplicate. Players can purchase a boost for points after two weeks of the act have passed. Ubisoft says that engaged players will earn the maximum rewards easily, since the daily points a player can earn will be capped.

Year 1 Pass

The year 1 pass is the premium pass for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and will allow players to get the following:

  • Access to the two Year 1 adventures and their rewards (non-owners can be invited to play the entire mission)
  • One-week early access to the three new classes and instant unlock
  • Siren’s Call Mission coming day one
  • Special Operation Forces pack, which includes:
  • Scorpio Scout | Quiet Blueprint
  • 1400 Skell Credits to craft the blueprint once at Maria’s shop or a bivouac
  • Covered ACH
  • Crye G3 Combat Pants
  • Cross Draw Vest

Ghost Recon Breakpoint shoots out this October 4 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Ubisoft

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