Understanding the Internet Troll

As a reader of gaming websites such as MP1st, or any other online forum for that matter, you are more likely than not familiar with the “Internet Troll,” an individual that “flame baits” others into argumentative conversations on various comment threads while hiding behind nearly complete anonymity.

A recent presentation by Acedemic Earth looks into the psychology of the Internet Troll and provides significant insight on the topic. We highly recommend checking it out below.

Created by AcademicEarth.org

“We all behave differently when alone. Anonymity frees us from a perceived obligation to act in accordance with certain social norms,” writes the author. “Anonymity makes all the difference, and unfortunately, this frees some to partake in some pretty egregious behavior. This is particularly true online. We’re 20 years into the experiment of the World Wide Web, and we can clearly see how Internet anonymity plays out across social media, chat rooms, and comment sections.”

What are your thoughts on the Internet Troll? Have ever participated in ‘troll-ish’ behavior? Have you ever been a victim of severe trolling?

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