Upcoming iGaming Trends: What Future Has In Store for Online Players?

As any industry connected to a technological progress, iGaming is always changing and evolving. Online casinos are popping up left and right, while suppliers are conquering new markets every day.

Speaking of markets…

…more and more countries are changing regulations in order to open the door for regulated internet gambling. The habits of players are changing, so are their needs and consequently, upcoming iGaming trends.

What was once considered an edgy and engaging game, is now outdated and slow.

In order to accommodate the requirements of their patrons, gaming suppliers are using all disposable resources for enhancing products.

…where exactly are they heading?

With so many different types of players, it can be hard for providers to pinpoint the right course.


There are some trends that gamers agree upon and wish to see realized in the future:
More providers in USA markets

  • Bitcoin casinos on the rise
  • Better mobile gaming experience
  • Virtual Reality
  • Holograms

Upcoming iGaming Trends – Breach to the USA Online Gambling Markets

With the rising popularity of online casinos, U.S. lawmakers are eager to turn a profit and create regulated markets for this industry. In some states, this transition has been smooth, while others still hold strongly opposing attitudes delaying the legalization process.

Last year, the Supreme Court of the United States finally lifted the ban on sports betting, which was believed to be one of the first steps to legalizing all types of gambling across the board.

New Jersey was one of the first states to legalize online gambling, and is now reaping the rewards in the form of tax revenues. Other states like Delaware and New York followed in its footsteps, with more states behind them, such as Pennsylvania that opens its market in July of this year.

By striking a deal with PlaySugerHouse for sportsbook and casino in New Jersey, Rush Street Interactive can now offer its portfolio to Americans, along with other reputable suppliers.

While the breach to the USA online gaming industry is in full force, the estimations for the future see more providers on the markets and better availability of diverse gaming products to consumers.

More Online Casinos with the Crypto-Currency Option

The rise of cryptocurrencies back in 2017, forced casinos to add digital money among payment methods.
It is a recent trend that online platforms reluctantly accept. Still, there are more and more venues that offer this gateway, so it seems like cryptocurrency will finally take its place under the industry’s sun.

The major issue with this currency
…is the origin of funds and its implementation that does come with some implications for the industry. Blockchain (the information system that powers cryptocurrencies) has been criticized for the very thing that makes it so attractive to users – its anonymity.

Many regulators have laws in place requiring verification of the source of funds to prevent money laundering – which does not allow for anonymity. U.K. Gambling Commission, for example, takes this issue very seriously and has imposed harsh penalties on operators who don’t follow these rules.
So far, there isn’t a widespread solution.

…blockchain and cryptocurrency gambling have enough advantages to become wildly popular and at the same time, profitable.

While there’s been a word about banning this currency as the payment method for online gambling, the estimation shows its wider usage in the future. It can help revolutionize the industry, but it will require regulatory administrations across the world to create new suitable laws.

…cryptocurrency as a payment method for the majority of online operators is one of the upcoming gaming trends, according to statistics.

Improvements in the Mobile Playing Experience

Players are choosing platforms they can enjoy both at home and on the go. It is exactly why mobile casino popularity is on the rise. In order to adapt to this new demand, virtual venues have to optimise platforms and make them compatible with all devices.

…many casino apps regularly experience glitches, crashes and slower interface. This year, we have witnessed a change in this trend with extraordinary mobile versions.

With fierce competition, platforms are investing a lot to adapt to the changing market and offer players a great mobile experience.

Punters want an online casino that has excellent desktop platform, and a mobile version that matches the same quality and features. With the progress of technology, brands have improved immensely with regards to the cross-device functionality. It is one of the trends that will surely continue on in the future, as a big focus point for the operators.

Virtual Reality

While virtual reality games are already present, it is predicted to be one of the upcoming iGaming trends in the following years. Releases of this type have unlimited potential, but at the moment, VR gambling lacks in many areas, especially the graphics capabilities compared to the ones for consoles and PCs.

On the other hand
…could technical features manage to catch up in the future, it is likely we will see a massive jump in VR games due to the highly realistic experiences it has the ability to give gamers.

Developers are aware of this trend and working on incorporating VR as a way to allow gamers to walk around a virtual casino in order to gamble, as opposed to playing the standard flash games.

… this technology is extremely versatile, with games like bingo having the real chance of being upgraded to a new level.


While this upcoming iGaming trend might be a year away, it does attract the interest of players. Hologram technology as been evolving for the past few years, but it has yet to make its way into the world of gaming.

Players do have the ability to access games on the go these days, but they are confined to the desktop or mobile screens. Screens at portable devices are usually small, which does take away from the feeling of live casino experience.

On the contrary
…holograms are effective in providing a lifelike experience. With 3D glasses, there is a possibility that holograms could find their way in this international market. It will revolutionaries iGambling and provide players a highly immersive experience.

It seems that the future brings very exciting changes, according to the upcoming iGaming trends. Some of them are already in motion, while others may need a longer time to develop. Nevertheless, it seems we can look forward to a more enhanced playing experience in the years to come.

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