Valve Experiments With Counter-Strike: GO Beta, New Default Map and Equipment Changes

Those participating in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta are going to become subjects of experimentation in the next few weeks as the developers change the default map, and tweak some of the purchasable equipment.

According to the Official CS Blog, developers have “just updated the CS:GO Beta today and changed the default map to Train.” On top of this, they are also “trying two changes in competitive mode: buyable defuse kits and splitting helmets and Kevlar.” Developers would like participants to know, “we have created a scenario for testing the change over the next few weeks that will allow us to capture its impact. We will share our findings with you when the experiment is complete.”

It was also noted that the beta will be expanded early next week by selecting players across all demographics who filled the recent survey. If you haven’t yet, you can fill out the survey here (will launch Steam).

Below is a list of further tweaks that have been made to the Beta:


  • Made Kevlar and helmet purchasable separately.
  • Made defuse kits buyable.
  • Based on pro feedback, fixed grenade spamming from the buyzone by limiting buy of one of each grenade type per round.


  • Fixed many instances reported in forums of players being able to access areas that should be inaccessible.
  • Fixed several issues with transparent walls / other elements.
  • Fixed a few instances of incorrect effects associated with materials (sparks on plastic, etc.).
  • Fixed some problems with the bomb being able to float in mid-air after being planted.


  • Made bots less prone to getting stuck in certain areas.
  • Tuned bot difficulty. They should be initially less deadly now.


  • Made international characters display correctly in the UI.
  • Redesigned win panel and made it team-specific.
  • Fixed bug that caused player ID chevrons to remain over dead players sometimes.
  • Fixed bug that caused player ID chevrons to linger when the pause menu was up.
  • Addressed many UI issues that could occur when playing the game in standard definition
  • Fixed the screen resize options screen.
  • Adjusted the bombsite markers on the radar for some maps to reflect their locations more accurately.
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused death notices to overlap with mini-scoreboard.


  • Added new music for the front end.
  • Added new music for many in-game events.
  • Fixed deathcam music playing twice in competitive mode.
  • Addressed issue with front end music not stopping when playing via a CONNECT command
  • Made some more adjustments to volume level of footsteps on various surfaces.
  • Tuned ambience levels for all maps.

Changed quickmatch to de_train

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