Warcraft III Invitational Announced, New Patch Set to Hit Soon

warcraft 3 patch

Warcraft 3 patch incoming! No, really!

A few days ago, we reported that Warcraft III pro players were being invited by Blizzard Entertainment for something special. Well, now, we know what it is! While it’s not exactly Warcraft IV, it is still pretty big, as Blizzard has announced the Warcraft III Invitational!

In addition to the tourney, Blizzard has announced that a new Warcraft III “major” patch is set to come soon after 15 years since the release of Reign of Chaos! The current patch is available for testing in the Public Test Realms (PTR), though you can read the changes below.

Specific Changes & Improvements
Widescreen Support

  • Added bookends to the in-game interface
  • Added black pillars in menus to prevent stretching

24 Player Support

  • Game lobbies revised to support 24 players
  • Team colors revised and expanded
  • Color selection is an ongoing effort, feel free to leave specific suggestions with color codes

Balance & Map Pools

World Editor Upgrades

Bug Fixes

  • Clans may now be created
  • Mac clients launch on 10.11 and beyond

Known Issues

  • Unable to change resolutions in native fullscreen
  • PTR only supports English version of the client
  • This will be the last version to support Windows XP
  • The Mac PTR client requires manually running the launcher to patch

According to Blizzard, the Warcraft III Invitational will start this February 27-28, and will be televised on Twitch. Warcraft III pro players from around the world will be live at Blizzard HQ to showcase their talents for everyone to see.

Source: Battle.net

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