Warface Battle Royale Mode Is Coming With Next Update

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Every man for himself scenarios are the latest gaming craze, with “Battle Royale” games dominating with the largest player counts. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale continue to grow at a ridiculous pace.

Now it looks Crytek wants a slice of that pie, with the next update for their free-to-play PC first-person shooter, Warface, getting a new Battle Royale mode. The new game type will be available for a limited time, before undergoing some changes and improvements, and then being made available once again.

Here’s details on the map and main features:


Warface has a broad variety of game modes available — some are more conservative and classic, suited to the 5-on-5 scenarios, whilst some others are more dynamic and perhaps even, arcade. With Battle Royale, we wanted to create something on the thin verge between the two, and here you have it: quick-paced combat with an element of the unknown — you never know which gun you’re going to get, with action taking place on the largest PvP map ever seen in the game.

Main Features

  • The game mode takes after the most classic scenario: each man for himself.
  • Dynamic engagement, that always keeps you on the move — linger a minute too long and you’ll be caught outside the shield and left for dead.
  • An enormous new map with plenty of areas to explore. No round will ever feel the same — you never know where you’re headed until the “Zone” hits.
  • Plenty of achievements to unlock!

Click here to see all of the achievements. 

Take a look at the teaser trailer:

I wonder if Battle Royale can help give a boost to Warface, a game that released back in 2013. 

Will you be giving the new mode a go? Let us know.

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Source: Warface (Official)