Warframe Developer Files Trademark for Soulframe

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A few weeks after confirming the date for TennoCon 2022, Warframe developer Digital Extremes has now apparently filed a trademark for something called Soulframe. At this point in time, this could be anything, but we can take a closer look at a screenshot of the filing below.

The filing was spotted by LongJonSilver over on Reddit. It was filed just yesterday, and could point to a new game or even other media set in the same universe.

In other Warframe news, here are some details on the Clan Dojo Showcase that will be held during TennoCon 2022:

TennoCon 2022 will once again play host to Digital Extremes’ Clan Dojo Showcase! In Warframe, players can band together in large-scale teams called Clans and create customized, decorated Dojos that serve as the Clan “home base.” Digital Extremes hosts Dojo Contests throughout the year, and each month selects a new set of Dojos to appear in Warframe’s Star Chart for all players to visit. TennoCon 2022 will once again showcase past Featured Dojo Contest winners in a series of short tours hosted by Warframe’s community team. All Dojos that have been featured on the Star Chart are eligible to submit designs for consideration. Either the Founding Warlord or the Architect who submitted a contest-winning Dojo will receive an in-game inbox message from the Warframe community team with details their Clan needs to submit for a potential showcase at TennoCon 2022.

Whatever Soulframe may end up being, stay tuned here at MP1st for more details once it’s been revealed.

Source: Reddit

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