Digital Extremes Say They’d “Silly Not to Consider Warframe for Xbox One Now”

With Microsoft’s recent change of policies surrounding independent developers and their ability to self publish on the Xbox One, Warframe developers Digital Extremes are giving second thought to the idea of bringing their free-to-play, third-person shooter/action title to Microsoft’s next-generation platform.

Only a few days ago, the company’s stance towards the Xbox One was a much different one. Digital Extremes vice-president of publishing Meridith Braun said earlier that “the ball is in Microsoft’s court with regards to allowing titles on their system that come from an independent developer and not an established publisher.”

Currently, Warframe is on course to publish on the PlayStation 4 as a launch title later this year and is already available for download on the PC. However, post-reversal of Xbox One’s policies, Braun admits that it wouldn’t make sense to not consider bringing Warframe to the Xbox One.

Speaking to OXM, Braun said, “We’re happy to see Microsoft shift its attitude on independent development for their new system. We’d be silly not to consider Warframe for Xbox One now. The system itself will be awesome and now the landscape of games that it supports has just become limitless. Exciting times.”

We’re definitely excited to see Warframe potentially make it to the Xbox One. How about you?

Thanks, Pixel Enemy.

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