Warframe PS4 Update Introduces New Warframe, Weapons, and Mode

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A recent Warframe update on the PlayStation 4 introduces new content like the Zephyr Warframe, new weapons, a new in-game HUD, and the new game mode, Interception.

“For Update 12, we really wanted to introduce a Warframe like no other, and we believe we accomplished that with Zephyr, the air-based Warframe,” writes Digital Extremes associate producer Pat Kudirka in the latest PS Blog update. “Lighter than all other Warframes, Zephyr uses this to her advantage to increase her mobility, but also to complement her vicious attacks.”

The studio also introduced new HUD that Kudirka says is less obtrusive, contains more information, and offers a number of customization options to tweak.

In the new capture-based game mode Interception, “four areas are highlighted on the map that players or enemies can control,” Kudirka says. “Staying in proximity to the capture point keeps control of areas, but watch out for the Grineer, as they can capture a point by simply hacking nearby consoles. Holding a capture point accumulates points for your total score. Whichever team reaches the max score first wins the round, and then you simply need to clear the area of remaining Grineer to complete the mission.”

“The more points you hold, the faster your score goes up. When the round’s over, the score is reset and players have the option to claim their reward and quit, or continue to fight on for a bigger reward similar to Defense mode.”

The update also expanded the “beautiful forest level set teased in Update 11.5” across all Earth nodes.

So, Warframe fans, get the update and let us know your thoughts in the comments!