Warframe Short Film Crafted by Upcoming Uncharted Movie Director Released

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During TennoCon 2019, Director Dan Trachtenberg who’s known for his work on Black Mirror, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and the upcoming Uncharted movie, took to the stage to debut a new Warframe short film that he has been working on with Digital Extremes.

Running for roughly six minutes, this new Warframe cinematic trailer oozes all kinds of style, and isn’t just one action setpiece after another. We get to see Tenno’s interacting with nature, exploring new areas, and of course, fighting! Warframe is an action game after all.

“As a massive fan of the game myself, having logged in hundreds of hours of play time, it’s been so much fun crafting a story that both sets up the universe for new players in a pretty epic way, while sprinkling it with moments that, I hope, make it doubly rewarding for hardcore fans with a better understanding of the game’s lore.” Dan said in a recent Press Release.

For more on Warframe, make sure to check back on MP1st as we’ll be covering the biggest announcement at TennoCon 2019. And make sure to check out this awesome contest being held by Digital Extremes where the winner gets to fly out in space!