Warframe to Showcase Nidus Prime at a Special Twitch Event on August 27

warframe nidus prime

Digital Extremes will finally be showing off more of Warframe and Nidus Prime during a special event for the game this Friday, August 27. The event will be livestreamed on the Warframe Twitch channel, where viewers will also have the chance to win Twitch Drops for themselves, learn more details about the Return of the Plague Star and take a closer look behind the The New War Development Curtain.

Check out more details on this special event below via a press release from Digital Extremes:

Digital Extremes is inviting Warframe players, press, and community to tune in to a devstream with the Warframe team where viewers will be treated to the first full in-game walkthrough of the anticipated Nidus Prime. Coming to Warframe soon, Nidus Prime was first revealed at Tennocon 2021 and is the Prime variant of Nidus, offering increased base stats and extra Polarity Slots providing more Mod customization and stronger builds for players. With Nidus Prime, players can rupture the ground with a damaging fungal growth that steals energy from each enemy it strikes, pull enemies in with an infested pod erupting with tendrils, bind with targets via a parasitic link to deal damage, and swarm nearby enemies with gluttonous maggots.

Viewers tuning in will also have the opportunity to experience a rerun of Tennocon 2021’s wildly popular narrative relay event on all platforms, which was inaccessible to a large number of players during this year’s TennoLive stream due to massively high concurrent viewership. This stress test rerun will take viewers on a guided immersive flashback at some of players’ most momentous and shocking plot moments from Warframe’s history as well as a look back inside the fabled Zariman Ten Zero and other Warframe scenes.

The excitement doesn’t stop here — also being teased on this week’s development showcase is the return of Warframe’s popular Operation: Plague Star event, a popular limited-run event that will see players rallying together to defend the Plains of Eidolon against infested lifeforms before they make their way to Cetus. To make Operation: Plague Star even more explosive, a new weapon will be revealed on stream that will help players destroy the toxic, infested boil before it becomes unstoppable.

The livestream event will be starting 2:00PM ET on August 27, and you can watch it on the Warframe official Twitch channel. Updates on The New War should also prove interesting, as it was reported that Warframe across all platforms will start to see simultaneous releases once that particular update rolls out. The event itself is being billed as one of the game’s largest showcases of the year, so if you consider yourself a true fan of the game you will not want to miss this one out.

Warframe is free-to-play on current and last-gen consoles, PC and the Nintendo Switch.

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