Warframe Updates Will See Simultaneous Releases on All Platforms Starting With The New War

Warframe updates

In today’s TennoCon event, Digital Extremes has announced that starting with The New War, Warframe updates will be released simulatenously on all platforms the game is available on, contrary to before where PC got it first.

DE committed to launching every Warframe update – including The New War – simultaneously on every platform.  “Community is incredibly important to us and opening up Cross Play and Cross Save is just one of many more efforts we’ll take on to bring more players together including extending Warframe’s fast, fluid, action combat experience to other global gaming platforms,” said Sheldon Carter, Chief Operating Officer at DE. “We are at the very beginning of the next-generation of Warframe.  We are eight years young and have the benefit of beginning our second console generation with a major game expansion that will also mark a new chapter of more story-based content our players have been asking for.”

This is definitely good news and makes sense, given the game’s crossplay and cross-save funtionality has been announced today as well.

Speaking of The New War, go check out 30 minutes of gameplay for the upcoming expansion to see how much the game has evolved.

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