Warframe TennoCon 2019: Full Schedule and Livestream

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The annual event centered around the very successful free-to-play title, Warframe called TennoCon, is about to begin and you can expect to hear many new things at the event, including our first true look at the next Warframe expansion, Empryea. Down below you can catch the Warframe TennoCon 2019 livestream, which will begins on July 6 at 11:00 a.m. ET. Throughout the day you’ll be able to watch all kinds of different live panels as detailed below with the big Tenno Live event starting at 6:00 p.m. ET. We expect to see some major reveals being centered around Warframe’s next expansion, Empryea, which will introduce some major changes to the title including the much anticipated pilotable spaceships, a first for Warframe. We’ll be sure to update you all as major reveals are announced.

And don’t forget, if you are gonna watch the livestreams tomorrow make sure to link your account to either Twitch, Steam, or Mixer for some unique Warframe drops. Full details on how and what you can get  can be found on the official Warframe Tennocon page.

Watch live video from Warframe on www.twitch.tv

TennoCon Stream Schedule

11:00 AM ET – 12:00 PM ET
Warframe Partner Stream with Alyek & BackyardisTV

12:00 PM ET – 1:00 PM ET
From Concept to Creation: The Art of Warframe

1:00 PM ET – 2:00 PM ET
Warframe Partner Q&A

2:00 PM ET – 3:00 PM ET
Sounds of the System

3:00 PM ET – 4:00 PM ET
Sanctuary Showcase Game Show

4:00 PM ET – 5:00 PM ET
4th Annual Cosplay Contest

5:00 PM ET – 6:00 PM ET
Warframe Partner Stream with Bricky & Bast_50

6:00 PM ET – 7 PM ET

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