Warframe Update 1.017 Released for Hotfix This March 18

Warframe Update 1.017

Digital Extremes has released Warframe update 1.017 for last-gen and next-gen platforms, which is a hotfix for Nora’s Mix Volume 1. Read on for the complete patch notes for today.

Warframe Update 1.017 Patch Notes | Warframe Update Today Patch Notes:

PSN: Nora’s Mix Volume 1: Hotfix #1 

PS5 Connectivity Issues Fixed: 

We have implemented a temporary fix for PS5 players who have been experiencing connectivity issues since yesterday’s update mentioned in our two PSAs (First PSA and Follow Up PSA). This workaround will allow PS5 players to connect and play the game, but there will be matchmaking issues present when attempting to matchmake with PS4 players until a more permanent solution is fully implemented. PS5 players to PS5 players can matchmake just fine! 

As mentioned in our Nora’s Mix Volume 1 Delay & Next Steps PSA, we will be running a special Alert on all Platforms for 150x Nora’s Mix Vol.1 Creds. We will also have an inbox message for our PlayStation tenno with a 3-Day Affinity, Credit, and Resource Booster to make up for your lost Booster time. We will share start times for both once we have confirmed the fix is working and can securely run the alert and inbox.


  • Fixed nasty crash related to Wisp’s Reservoirs.

PSN: Nora’s Mix Volume 1: Hotfix #2

As noted above in Hotfix #1, we’ve got a build with a more permanent solution for the matchmaking issues! Thank you for your patience!


  • Fixed inability to matchmake between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players.

Source: Warframe forums

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