Warframe Update 1.92 November 16 Released for Nezha Prime Hotfix #2

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Digital Extremes has released the new Warframe update 1.92 November 16 patch, and this is called the Heart of Deimos: Nezha Prime: Hotfix #2 by the developers.This is a minor patch, and is the first-ever hotfix on the PS5 version of the game.

Read on below for short list of patch notes.

Warframe Update 1.92 November 16 Patch Notes:

Hello PlayStation Tenno, and welcome PS5 Tenno who have joined us last week! The first ever hotfix on the PS5 comes with a Texture Remaster! For that reason, this hotfix appears like an update and you will be required to download a ~12 GB update on PS4 and PS5 – but do not fret! The update will appear larger than it actually is! This is part of the remastering process, and Warframe will actually be reduced by ~2 GB after it has completed.

Texture Remaster

  • We have made several improvements to texture format for better compression!


  • Removed Titania Prime Access bundle being in the in-game Market. This was just a UI issue as the pack was unpurchaseable.


If Digital Extremes announces any new content or something similar, we’ll let our readers know ASAP.

Source: Warframe forums