Watch Advanced Warfare’s E3 Demo in 60 FPS, New Analysis Suggests Wobbly Frame Rate at 900p Display

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A new analysis of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s E3 2014 single player demo once again suggests a near-900p display on the Xbox One, but uncharacteristically shows a weakness in frame rate this time around.

According to Digital Foundry, Advanced Warfare’s frame rate dips to the 40s and even 30s on occasion, which is most notable during the intro sequence and during some of the heavier action sequences throughout the demo. No need to grab your pitchforks just yet, however, as not only is the footage representative of a 6- or 7-month early build of the game, but it also debuted prior to the Xbox One’s critical XDK update that would have allowed developer Sledgehammer Games to tap into an additional 10% of GPU bandwidth. In addition, multiplayer level design in Call of Duty tends to favor performance over visual flair in order to maintain a solid 60 FPS.

But, for now, you can see the measurements for yourself in this analysis video:

Improvements to Sledgehammer’s new engine, however, are most prevalent in the usage of advanced full-screen and object-based motion blur, dynamic lighting techniques, shadow rendering techniques, physics-driven particle effects, and reflections. Along with improved audio processing and state-of-the-art motion capture technology, Advanced Warfare is still on course to push what sort of expectations you might have of a Call of Duty game.

You can read up on Digital Foundry’ full detailed analysis of the E3 demo right here.

If you’ve yet to watch Advanced Warfare’s “Induction” E3 gameplay demo running at an optimal frame rate, you can catch the 60 FPS version right here, courtesy of Eurogamer.