Report – Watch Dogs Available For Pre-Download On PS4 In Europe, Will North America Skip Out Again?

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Despite both Sony and Ubisoft stating that Watch Dogs would not be available for pre-download, it seems that with the game is indeed available for pre-download over in Europe.

Reports are coming in saying that those who pre-ordered in Europe are able to download the game now.

Reddit user ControllerMartin posted images and a video showing that the game is indeed available for pre-download.


This comes as a surprise, as Sony stated that Destiny would be the first title to have pre-download, though this wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. Last year, when Grand Theft Auto 5 launched, the pre-download option was only available in Europe, leaving North American gamers to download the massive title on launch day.

UPDATE 1: It’s likely that the finding is simply a bug in the system, but interestingly, the fact that the game is now rated on this page indicates that users have already downloaded the game, as ratings can only be given after a title is downloaded.

Watch Dogs launches May 27.

UPDATE 2: A notice from PSN confirms that Watch Dogs will only be available for download after 12:01am EST on May 27.