Watch These Guys Drive Through Watch Dogs’ Chicago Map From End to End [And 25 Minutes of Multiplayer Gameplay]

As a next-gen open-world title, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs reimagines the entirety of Chicago in digitalized form, providing a massive playground for hackers, heroes, and troublemakers to do their thing, solo or with friends.

It’s a fairly gigantic play space, though it isn’t exactly clear yet how it might compare to Grand They Auto V’s Los Santos. Luckily, Nath and Dave from PlayStation Access hop in a shiny red sports car and take a ride from one end of the map to the other, giving you clearer picture of what Watch Dogs’ Chicago is really like. You can catch the video above.

We recently learned that the entirety of Watch Dogs’ Chicago map will also be accessible to you and any of your online buddies as you explore every nook and cranny through the game’s 8-player free-roam mode.

What sort of shenanigans are you and your friends going to get up to when Watch Dogs launches on May 27?


Here’s almost half an hour of Watch Dogs multiplayer gameplay, courtesy of YouTuber Jack Frags.

[youtube id=”33muCkef288″]

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